Yunfei Ren (°1987, China) is a Chinese & Dutch visual artist that works with the photographic medium. His work critically investigates identity and the notion of belonging. Through photography, he present identities as fluid and diverse in the context of citizenship, sexuality, and cultural polarization. Exploring the friction between authenticity and construct is central to his thesis. His work was recently exhibited at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. 

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Many black women grow up being told that in order to be attractive and presentable, they need to tame their hair. Kinky, coily, dark hair is deemed undesirable and less than. Beyond a subject of fashion and attraction, hair is political. In the legacy of the Négritude and Black is Beautiful movements, I present a contemporary imagery of the Black struggle and empowerment.

Exhibited at the inaugural de Young OPEN
October 10, 2020 – January 31, 2021



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