Guǐ 鬼

A story about loss, alienation and the search for belonging. A ghost of a Chinese coolie who worked on the Transcontinental railroad emerges at night in the modern-day San Francisco Chinatown. Every location presented in the images tells a story about the history and the experience of the Chinese diaspora. The series recounts the historic discrimination and prejudice against the Asian immigrant community and draws connection to today’s continuing violence against immigrants at large.

Exhibited at the Chinese Historical Society Museum
October 16 – November 12, 2021

Published on Washington Post (2021):
"These Photos Are Meant To Be A Protest Against Racism"


In the gay online dating world, the prejudice and fetishization of Asian men continue to propogate under the veil of anonymity. This series is my protest against these prejudices. By objectifying the objectification, I disempower it with ridicule.



This image puts 3D on top of 2D; an immigrant on top of anti-immigrant rhetoric; human flesh on top of inhumane policies. It aims to empower immigrants of this country by rejecting a white supremacist's definition of whom an American is.

The projected New York Times front page is a creation by the artist, with real headlines from various dates.


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